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Do you want to help build recovery in Ukraine? This can be done by going on a construction recovery trip or a spiritual recovery trip.

Construction recovery trips involve physical work on rebuilding houses, clearing rubble or other construction-related physical work. To participate you must be 18+, mentally and physically healthy, have two right hands, experience with odd jobs and you must be able to work hard and physically. Everyone is welcome to travel with us. Regardless of faith or non-believer. On our trips we go to church on Sundays (with translation) and we always have an opening day at breakfast.

The spiritual recovery journeys are aimed at encouraging people. You start conversations with people and organize fun activities for young and old. We share the gospel during these trips and sometimes do this in combination with handing out food and other items. To go on these trips you must be 18+, mentally and physically healthy, believe in Jesus Christ, feel free to pray with people and want to share the gospel. You must also like practical approaches and want to be of service. We want to do these trips by plane and train if possible, because otherwise we would not have sufficient vans. Travel costs are likely to be higher.

The journey takes 10 days

  • The group leaves early in the morning on Friday. The departure location will be determined in consultation.

  • On Friday night we spend the night in Poland, usually in Lublin.

  • On Saturday we travel to Irpin

  • On Sunday there will be a church service and a tour of Irpin. In the afternoon we will meet the Ukrainians we will be helping.

  • Work takes place Monday to Friday. Often from 6am-6pm

  • The group will leave back to the Netherlands on Saturday morning.

  • On the return journey we will spend the night in Poland on Saturday night. You will return to the Netherlands at the end of the afternoon on Sunday.

  • Every trip is accompanied by a tour guide who has been on a trip before.

“Before departure there are two mandatory digital meetings where more information is shared and the group is also introduced.”

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Costs and conditions?

  • Everyone over 18 years old is welcome.

  • You must be in good physical and mental condition. Physically because we physically go to work there. Good mental condition is important because you see a lot of destruction and you can also hear intense stories.

  • The costs to go are € 275,- for food, sleeping and fuel costs. The travel costs of the spiritual recovery trips are probably higher. around €400,-.

  • We ask every volunteer to make an effort to raise € 1000,- for materials such as Tiny houses or materials to repair houses. In this way the church can continue its work well. This is about the effort. For some it is very easy to raise € 1000, and for others that is too high. We expect participants to make every effort to raise money.

  • Ukraine is a country at war, which means that not everything always goes as planned. If you come along, it is important that you are very flexible and can handle changes well.

Travel dates construction recovery trip

26-01 t/m 4-2
15-3 t/m 24-03
05-04 t/m 14-04
10-05 t/m 19-05

Travel dates mental recovery trip

19-04 t/m 28-04
07-06 t/m 16-06

We verblijven in een conferentieoord van de kerk. Hier zijn bedden, beddengoed, handdoeken en (warm) water voorhanden. Vanuit de kerk wordt er driemaal daags voor eten gezorgd.

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What is Hope4Ukraine?

We are an PBO Foundation that:

  • organizes shipments of aid transports to Ukraine;
  • organizes recovery trips for volunteers to Ukraine;
  • provides food to the villages along the front line.

We are a Christian foundation with the Word of God as the basis for our policy and activities. We are focused on bringing recovery to Ukraine.

We believe in rebuild the country of Ukraine and we want to actively work for it. We contribute to rebuild through our main activities, which consist of: rebuild trips, aid transports and spiritual recovery.

Contact details

Meester P.J. Troelstraweg 147a
8919 AA Leeuwarden

Bank details

RSIN 864870012 | KvK 89069889 | ANBI
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