Our story

Pioneers from Leeuwarden

When war broke out in Ukraine on February 24, 2022, a couple of pioneers from Leeuwarden and the surrounding area could not sit still and watch. Prayer evenings and fundraising campaigns were therefore soon organized from the Stadskerk in Leeuwarden.

The 4th Musketeer Foundation

The transport of the collected items was organized by the 4th Musketeer foundation. That way we came into contact with a Ukrainian couple from Irpin and they invited us to come and help. That was early April, just after the Russians left their city. There was some doubt, we didn't want to be a disaster tourist, but in the end some of us went anyway.

Irpin Bible Church

The couple the men come into contact with are closely associated with the Irpin Bible Church. This church located in Irpin (which is one of the suburbs of Kiev and was 70% destroyed) has never closed its doors since the beginning of the war and immediately went into action for anyone who needed help. The church was designated by the government to act as a local red cross and thus coordinate and provide all aid flows in that region. They still provide food parcels every day, organize activities, offer medical assistance and different teams go out for various activities.

Hands on

During that visit we had conversations with Irpin Bible Church about what we could do. That is when we came up with the idea of getting groups of Dutch people to 'hands on' in addition to aid transports.” From that visit, which took place in April 2022, the foundation was laid for a long-term and close cooperation relationship.

What is Hope4Ukraine?

We are an PBO Foundation that:

  • organizes shipments of aid transports to Ukraine;
  • organizes recovery trips for volunteers to Ukraine;
  • provides food to the villages along the front line.

We are a Christian foundation with the Word of God as the basis for our policy and activities. We are focused on bringing recovery to Ukraine.

We believe in rebuild the country of Ukraine and we want to actively work for it. We contribute to rebuild through our main activities, which consist of: rebuild trips, aid transports and spiritual recovery.

Contact details

Meester P.J. Troelstraweg 147a
8919 AA Leeuwarden

Bank details

RSIN 864870012 | KvK 89069889 | ANBI
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