• Which church do you work with?
    To learn more about Irpin Bible Church check out Welcome: Welcome: Irpin Bible Church! Знайомтесь: Ірпінська Біблійна Церква! - YouTube
  • How is contact with home maintained?
    There is WiFi in the church and that makes staying in touch very easy. Daily updates of the trip are also shared on the socials. When registering, we also ask for contact details of a loved one so that we can contact you in an emergency. The foundation always has a contact person in the Netherlands who is available 24 hours a day.
  • How safe is Irpin?
    The groups that have been so far have felt safe. Since the Russians left Irpin in early April 2022, no missiles or drones have landed in Irpin. The Dutch government advises not to go to Ukraine, see Travel advice Ukraine | Ministry of Foreign Affairs (nederlandwereldwijd.nl) If you come along, it is at your own risk and expense.
  • Am I insured when I travel to Ukraine?
    There is a good chance that your life insurance policy will not cover death in a conflict zone. It's good to check this. Normal health insurance also covers the costs of emergency care abroad. But the costs of care caused by acts of war (which is called 'molest') are NOT. The normal health insurance policies do not have additional insurance for war and war. Travel insurance does not cover this damage either. Mutual War Damage Insurance Company UA (OOM) is an insurance company that does cover acts of war. They have, among other things, a 'temporarily abroad' insurance that is suitable for assistance trips. Such an insurance policy can be taken out online at www.oomverzekeringen.nl. After filling in the details and applying for the insurance, you will receive a questionnaire. Once you have filled it in and sent it back, the assessment will take place. Additional questions may be asked. The application is then accepted, possibly with exclusions of certain diseases. The insurance starts on the commencement date. That will be the date of departure. The insurance can be canceled before the commencement date. The total time involved in the acceptance can be 10 working days. So start arranging this in time. The premium depends on age; i.e. the younger you are, the lower the premium.
  • Who is responsible if something happens?
    You are responsible if something happens to you. We try to keep risks to a minimum.
  • If I can't build, can I come along?
    Of course. We also have the opportunity to help distribute food. It is always good to contact us in advance if you would like to participate but cannot build.
  • How do you communicate with the local population?
    Many young people speak (good) English and otherwise we often use Google translate or otherwise we can get far with gestures.
  • Can you also use a debit card in Ukraine?
    Yes, put your card on world coverage. The ATMs are generally doing well and pinning in shops is usually possible. Near our location are two supermarkets where you can buy something. The supermarkets are well stocked.

What is Hope4Ukraine?

We are an PBO Foundation that:

  • organizes shipments of aid transports to Ukraine;
  • organizes recovery trips for volunteers to Ukraine;
  • provides food to the villages along the front line.

We are a Christian foundation with the Word of God as the basis for our policy and activities. We are focused on bringing recovery to Ukraine.

We believe in rebuild the country of Ukraine and we want to actively work for it. We contribute to rebuild through our main activities, which consist of: rebuild trips, aid transports and spiritual recovery.

Contact details

Meester P.J. Troelstraweg 147a
8919 AA Leeuwarden

Bank details

RSIN 864870012 | KvK 89069889 | ANBI
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