Auxiliary transports

Already more than 170 trucks since February 2022

Since the outbreak of the war in February, we have been actively sending aid transports to Ukraine. First in collaboration with 4M and GAIN, then with Christian Refugee Relief and now under its own title In 2022, more than 100 trucks crossed the border to Ukraine. In 2023 we hope to be able to send 150 trucks on the road, because the help is still very much needed.

What goods are needed?

Where the focus used to be on everything that provides warmth (such as blankets and winter clothing) - given the harsh winter - our priority is now mainly on food, medical supplies and generators

Where do the goods end up?

To bring the goods to where they are needed most, we work together with local aid organizations (including 'Our Legacy', '4M UA' and 'Irpin Bible Church') and churches. In this way, the goods are brought to where they are most needed, such as occupied and liberated areas such as Irpin, Cherson, .. .. ... Some drivers drive into the occupied areas, others bring the goods to a depot of previously mentioned organizations and then they go further into the country from there. Some of the transports also cross Romania, where we work together with the organization Fight For Freedom, which offers housing to Ukrainian women and (orphaned) children who have fled from affected areas.

How can you help?

  • If you have a large driving license (CE), register as a driver.
  • Do you have a tractor, trailer or complete combination and can you make it available for a period of 5 to 10 days to transport relief goods to Ukraine and/or Romania? Please contact us, there is still a great need for this.
  • Collect supplies! Make a contribution yourself, start an action in your area or approach companies for larger batches of relief supplies. We currently have collection depots in Leeuwarden and Groningen, but larger batches can also be collected in consultation.
  • Donate! Transporting the relief goods costs an average between €2500,-/€3000,- per load of diesel; in order to be able to continue transporting relief goods, we are therefore also dependent on sponsors.

All the work we do is done on a voluntary basis, so the donations remain really intended for the actual aid.

What is Hope4Ukraine?

We are an PBO Foundation that:

  • organizes shipments of aid transports to Ukraine;
  • organizes recovery trips for volunteers to Ukraine;
  • provides food to the villages along the front line.

We are a Christian foundation with the Word of God as the basis for our policy and activities. We are focused on bringing recovery to Ukraine.

We believe in rebuild the country of Ukraine and we want to actively work for it. We contribute to rebuild through our main activities, which consist of: rebuild trips, aid transports and spiritual recovery.

Contact details

Meester P.J. Troelstraweg 147a
8919 AA Leeuwarden

Bank details

RSIN 864870012 | KvK 89069889 | ANBI
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