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Every day there are deaths and injuries in the Kharkiv region, which is about 70 km from the front. Vehicles to pick up these people are almost non-existent. Ambulances are, against all international rules, often the target of Russian snipers and artillery. Aid workers are fired upon...

Picking up injured military and civilians is so dangerous that only military personnel are allowed to ride ambulances. They take the injured to the hospital. Ambulances are of great value in this life-threatening area!

But… this 'hospital on wheels' does not yet have an interior.
And for that we need your help!

With your contribution we can purchase all materials (for example a stretch card) that are necessary for the deployment of the ambulance.

Help save lives!

Food packages

Without food packages, there is hunger

Hope4Ukraine wants to provide food aid to hungry people. In areas close to the front line, little or no food is available. The regions of Cherson, Zaporizhia, Donetsk, Luhansk and Kharkiv are therefore hit hard.

“Depending on food aid”

Due to the high security risks, little help is provided in these areas. This makes the people who live there extra vulnerable. They depend on well-intentioned people who dare to stick their necks out and who, despite the risks, still look out for their fellow human beings. We make it possible for residents to receive food through local churches and volunteers.

Hope4Ukraine wants no one to go hungry. That's why we're raising money to have 1,500 packages made. One food package can feed a family of four for about two weeks. For €0.30 per person per day we can feed people.

Can you help fight hunger?

What is Hope4Ukraine?

We are an PBO Foundation that:

  • organizes shipments of aid transports to Ukraine;
  • organizes recovery trips for volunteers to Ukraine;
  • provides food to the villages along the front line.

We are a Christian foundation with the Word of God as the basis for our policy and activities. We are focused on bringing recovery to Ukraine.

We believe in rebuild the country of Ukraine and we want to actively work for it. We contribute to rebuild through our main activities, which consist of: rebuild trips, aid transports and spiritual recovery.

Contact details

Meester P.J. Troelstraweg 147a
8919 AA Leeuwarden

Bank details

RSIN 864870012 | KvK 89069889 | ANBI
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